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Willem Wijnant (Wijnand) Heijns - b. 19 Mar 1786

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Photos provided by Wilhelmina (Wil/Willy) Elsje Cats Heijns (Cats is the last name of Willy's husband.) Willy writes: The pictures I made are from the farm in korteraar (part of Ter Aar). One is from the house, taken in front of it. I was standing on the "dijk" (I don't know how you called it, but that is a higher part of the "polder" to keep away the water.) The other one is the land what belongs to this farm. Nowadays there are three or four farms on the same land. So it used to be very big.

I don't know how old this house is, but our family lived on this land a long time. My grandfather was born here, prior to when his father sold it. So this may be where Willem Wijnant started the farm. Related Heijns Genealogy:

Ter Aar, Netherlands

Willem Wijnant (or Wijnand) Heijns
(b. 19 Mar 1786 - d. Ter Aar 18 Feb. 1854, age 67)
Neeltje van Eijk

Willem Wijnant (or Wijnand) Heijns and Neeltje van Eijk were married in Ter Aar on the 19 June 1816. From this marriage:

1. Frederik (b. 30 Dec 1817 - d. 26 May 1824)

2. Lena (b. 11 Dec 1819 - d. 10 Jun 1842)

3. Aaltje (b. 14 Apr 1822 - d. 27 Jan 1824) twin daughter

4. Alarytje (b. 14 Apr 1822 - d. 2 Oct 1827) twin daughter

5. Gerrit (b. 21 Nov 1824)

6. Matthijs (b. 23 May 1827)

7. Frederik (b. 25 Jul 1830)

8. Willem (b. 8 Oct 1832)

Supporting documents:

1. Birth certificate Matthijs Heijns. Matthijs, b. Ter Aar, 23 May 1827, son of Willem Heijns, farmer, aged 41 years and of Neeltje van Eijk,

2. Death certificate Willem (Wijnant) Heijns. Willem Heijns, farmer, died Ter Aar 18 Feb. 1854,, aged 67 years, born in Bleiswijk, husband of Neeltje van Eijk, son of Frederik Heijns and of Marijtje van den Bos, both deceased. The death was registered by : Frederik Heijns, aged 23, son of the deceased and Pieter Rodenburg, farmer, aged 41, son in law of the deceased.

3. Birth certificate of Willem Wijnant Willem Wijnant (b. Bleiswijk 19 Mar 1786), son of Frederik Heins and Maria van den Bosch (also spelled Marijtje van den Bos), witness Petronella van Kisteren.

4. Marriage certificate of Willem Wijnant Heins (Heijns) Willem Wijnant, aged 30 years, occ. farmer, son of Frederik Heins and Maria van den Bosch, both deceased, marries Ter Aar 19 Jun 1816 with Neeltje van Eijk, aged 22, living in Ter Aar, daughter of Gerrit van Eijk deceased and Leentje van Ooijen.
Witnesses were : Gerrit van Dam, aged 32, workman, brother in law of the bride, Leendert van Eijk, aged 32, carpenter, brother of the bride, Christiaan van Alphen, aged 33, peat worker, brother in law of the bride.

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Heijns Farm, Ter Aar
Heijns Farm, Ter Aar
Heijns Farm, Ter Aar
Heijns Farm, Ter Aar
Heijns Farm, Ter Aar
Heijns Farm, Ter Aar
Heijns Farm, Ter Aar