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Heijns Family Trees

Hand Drawn Heijns Family Tree

This reseach extends a photocopy of hand-drawn genealogy chart sent from Leen Ramp, of Boskoop, Netherlands, a cousin of William Heyns. The chart spans from 1701 to 1968 and contains about 200 relatives with drawings (tracings) of about 35 male family members. There is one female member - Johanna (Heijns) Vander Wilk (d. Aug 21, 1971) - who either created or added on to the chart. (The hand-drawn chart may incorrectly state that Anna Buelter was Peter's brother Johan's widow.)

William Heyns writes: "Leen Ramp, son of Adrian Ramp: Adrian's first wife Elisabeth (Heijns) Ramp (b. Moerkapelle Dec 12, 1889, d. Jan 27, 1921) passed away before Leen was born to Adrian's second wife Coba, Leen's mother. Coba was a fine mother to all the Ramp children and I used to correspond with her about the whole family while she was living. Leen was also close to his half-brothers and sisters. Half-brother Wim Ramp and wife Jans (Goedhart-Ramp) inherited the Family chart from Aunt Johanna (Heijns) Vander Wilk (d. Aug 21, 1971), and on one occasion mentioned it to Leen after I had written to him about family record search. That's when Leen sent us the photocopy of the chart. All very providential and we could not have developed the website without it. Leen is now quite ill and my latest contacts have been with Wim Koster who can not write English and we must depend on his daughter to communicate." (Leen Ramp died April 23, 2001. We have stayed in contact with Jos Ramp and Ellen Verhoeven.)

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