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Hain / Heyn / Heijns / Heyns Family Tree

The Old Farmhouse of Heine

Located in Lemke, Germany

According to descendants of Peter living in Lemke, the name Hain means thorn-hedge. The ending -s, is the ending for the female persons (Johann Hain but Anne Hains).

Peter Freiershaus (Freuershaus, zum Freyershaus)
b. (Hoya or Buecken?) abt 1620, d. Holte, Marklohe parish abt 1677/78, (Vollmeier/farmer) in Holte, mentioned in 1653 and 1667 md. bef 1653 (abt 1645)

His original surname may have been Stueve and his wife’s maiden name may have been Freuershaus (since they had a son Gerd Stuve/Stueve called Freuershaus). North German (Stüve): from Middle German stuve ‘stump’, hence a topographic name for someone who lived on newly cleared land.

Peter's wife's first name is unknown.

Children, born in Holte, baptized in Marklohe (before the beginning of the church records):

Fr(iedr)ich Freuershaus, b. abt 1645/50, md. Marklohe 7 Aug 1677 Catharina Crusemejer, daughter of the late Heinrich Crusemejer in Halenbeck, Marklohe parish

Gerd Stuve called Freuershaus, b. abt 1650, md. Balge 7 Nov 1678 Adelheit Segelken, daughter of Carsten Segelken in Schweringen, Balge parish; descendants: Stueve families in Schweringen in 1740/1830

Peter Freuershaus (or Stuve called Freuershaus), b. abt 1652/53

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The Old Farmhouse of Heine
(In Lemke very near to Wohlenhausen, Germany)

Peter Freuershaus - b. abt 1652/53
Married Anna Elisabeth Hain in 1682

The building on this page was built at the Hain Farm in the early 1700's and is most likely where Peter lived.

Peter Freuershaus called Heyn
b. abt 1652/53 or 1646 or 1656
d. Jul 13, 1735

Peter Freuershaus (b. abt 1652/53, d. Jul 13, 1735) changed his name to Peter Heyn in 1682 when marrying Anna Elisabeth Hain (Hajn, Heins) of the Hain Farm.

In the Hoya/Diepholz area of Germany (including Marklohe) a man usually changed his name when he took over a farm that had another name (so the name of the farm was more important than the man's original surname).

First wife: Anna Elisabeth Hajn (daughter of the deceased Hajn Johan from Wohlenhausen) married in Marklohe on 29 Jun 1682, Evangelical Lutheran Church

Son: Johan Peter Heyn (Heins)

Second wife: Anna Buelter Peter Heyn remarried in Jun 12, 1704 in Marklohe ("parish Lohe") to: Anna Buelter from Mehlbergen (b. 1648, d. Jan 13, 1743) who lived to be 95!


Johan Peter Heyn (Heins)
b. Wohlenhausen, Germany
baptized on Feb 8, 1701
m. Nov 15, 1731
d. Jun 21, 1770

Margarethe Toellner
b. Apr 23, 1717 (or 1709)
d. May 16, 1777 at Calle (age 67 and 6 months)
(reference page 251 no 30)

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Lemke is northeast of Hannover, Germany

Frederik Heins
b. Oct 28, 1745 Calle, Hannover, Germany
m. Oct 10, 1773
d. Jan 22, 1812
Maria van den Bosch
d. previous to 19 Jun 1816

Frederik Heins, born in 1745 in Bucken in the Province of Hanover (Germany), moved to Bleiswijk (Netherlands), and married Maria van den Bosch, young lady born and living in Bleiswijk, on Oct 10, 1773.

Supporting documents:

5. marriage certificate of Frederik Heins, young man, born in Bucken in the Province of Hanover (Germany), living in Bleiswijk, marries 10 Oct 1773 with Maria van den Bosch, young lady living in Bleiswijk (Netherlands).

6. death certificate of Frederik Heins. Death certificate witnessed by Willem Heins, aged about 26, occupation dike overseer, son of the deceased; and Teunis van der Tang, aged abt. 38, occupation farmer, neighbor of the deceased, both living in Corter-Aar (now called Korteraar - enclosed map), have declared that on the 22 Jan 1812 in Corter-Aar in the eatinghouse at District nr. 166 has died: Frederik Heins, aged 66, occupation farmer, widower of Marijtje van den Bosch.

7. Family Fact Sheet and Hand-Drawn Chart

1. Pieter b. 17742
2. Neeltje b. 1775 (twin?)2
3. Margrita b. 1775 (twin?)2
4. Aaltje b. 10 Jan 17761
5. Margrita, b.29 Jun 17771
6. Neeltje b. 2 Aug 17781
7. Neeltje b. 16 Jan 17801
8. Pieter b. 17 Mar 1782 (twin)1
9. Neeltje b. 17 Mar 1782 (twin)1
10. Margrita b. 9 Jan 1785 (survived childhood)1
11. Willem Wijnant b. 19 Mar 1786 (survived childhood)1
12. Neeltje b. 17 Jun 17871
13. Pietertje b. 24 Aug. 17881
14. Pieter b. 6 Dec. 17891
15. Pietertje b. 9 Oct 17911
16. Frederik b. 17 May 1795.1
17. Maria b. 1796.2

The family had quite a few infant deaths, quite common in those days. According to family fact sheet:
- the first three Neeltjes died
- the first Pieter died
- the first Margrita died
- the first Pietertje died.

1 family sheet Frederik Heins (Heyns) and Maria van den Bosch married Bleiswijk 10 Oct 1773. All children on family fact sheet born in Bleiswijk. According to family fact sheet, six of their children died, the longest living of these died at age 8.

2 The hand-drawn chart adds four additional children indicating as dying young, who are not found on the family sheet. Days and months are from family fact sheet.

The hand-drawn chart also notes that the family with 2 children moved to Ter Aar May 15, 1804. Under Willem Wynant Heyns there is a note that he decided to change the name "Heins" to "Heyns"

Farm house built at the Hain Farm in the early 1700's.
Farmhouse of Heine
Heyn Farmhouse
Sophie Marie Dorothee Heine (* 2. Febr. 1820 in Wohlenhausen, + 18. Febr. 1879 in Lemke) and her husband Christian Kanning purchased the family farmhouse in 1863. As of 2005, the great-great-granddaughter of Sophie lives in the house.